There are many things t


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There are many things that are only valuable after they are lost, including my wonderful and interesting childhood.n I was five years old, on a Saturday night, my mother took me back from school and said softly to me: "Baby, stay in the house and have fun, mother to cook, do your favorite dish. "Is it good?" My finger hooked my mother's finger and shook my body with dissatisfaction and said, "Mom is playing with me, playing hide and seek!" "Mom is going to have a meal, after dinner, I can��t be hungry. Play with your stomach, isn't it?" "No, no, my mother is really bad!" I groaned, but it didn't work. My mother still went into the kitchen from her own (at least I thought so). I am ready to cook.s sitting alone on the bed board, very boring, thinking: What to play? Nothing to play. Mom is really bad, don't play with me, what to cook, I want to call her anxious. Suddenly, this thought flashed through my mind. So my gaze began to look in the house, and finally fell on the wooden frame of the bed railing Short Newport Cigarettes, the square wooden frame just reached my small head. I made up my mind. "Look at my mother, don't worry!" I whispered softly, and gently put my head into the bed frame, waiting quietly for my mother to enter the house, scaring her. while, I didn��t see my mother coming in. I felt so old and a little boring, I wanted to retract my head. But I heard a familiar voice and a heavy footstep outside the door Wholesale Tobacco For Newports. Oh, it turned out that Dad is back. "This time is good, let them bother with each other, play with me, how good!" I thought about it, I didn't want to retract my head, just waiting for them to enter the house. while Cheap Newports C, my mother came in with great pleasure Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping. "Let's go eat, baby!" "Oh, my God! What are you doing? Come out, hurry up!" Sure enough, as I expected, my mother was so anxious. "Who told you not to play with me?" "Get your head back, I promise to play with you." Mom is sweating all over. When I see the purpose has been reached, I will retract my head. But no matter how hard I try, my head can't be retracted. Mother panicked and said loudly: "Don't worry, take your time." I listened to my mother's words and slowly narrowed my neck, then slammed, "Oh! It hurts!" I couldn't help but cry, hateful. The bed frame seems to be deliberately against me, putting our head in it and not letting it out.e you doing, not going to eat." With the voice of Hong Liang, Dad walked into the house. As soon as he entered the door, he was also taken aback. He asked the mother for an emotional reason and then turned around. Suddenly, my father was in a hurry, and he slammed and slammed me. I cried out, and my head slammed back, and the bed frame released me. I am very happy and finally got rid of it.rwards, my mother said humorously: "Daddy's slap represents two meanings, one is to teach you, one to help you Newport Wholesale In Usa, you really should thank this slap." After dinner, mom and dad accompany me for a good time.