The world has been sang,


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as been sang, and the eyes have passed the year of the flower, and counted with the fingers, have been retired for more than ten years, have passed 66, seeing people who are over 70 years old Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, looking at me in the mirror, full of gray The hair can't help but make people feel very sorrowful. Many past events have become a cloud of the past. As the years go by, they gradually leave me. More than 40 years ago, I was very reluctant to walk. The winding country stone road was forever engraved in my heart. It was a lifetime unforgettable. It was in January 1969, in order to In response to Chairman Mao��s great call, I voluntarily and voluntarily obey the unified distribution of the school. Together with the school��s more than 20 classmates, I concentrated on the Chengdu North Railway Station with a simple line of equipment, took a smoldering train to Jiajiang, and then Jiajiang transferred to the big truck and went to the Luoba Commune of Hongya County, which is about two hundred kilometers away from Chengdu. It settled in a remote small village in the foothills of the hills, and received the re-education of the poor middle peasants in the glorious team. Far from the small villages of Chengdu, although the scenery is beautiful, the labor force is still quite lacking. At the time of the production team, all the populations were added together, and we counted several educated youths. Only 108 people were able to work in the team. The total labor force and the semi-labor work all add up to less than 60 people. . The number of young and middle-aged adults is less than 40. All the liaison between the whole village and the outside world relies on this crooked stone road that is less than one foot wide. The team has to pay the public grain and send out the surplus food of the team. Life necessities must also come back from the street. I am 1.55 meters tall on this insignificant stone road. I am away from my parents and two younger brothers. I am alone in this remote and strange village Newports 100S Price. Full of infinite confusion, when I was on the team, I always wanted to be home, often quietly and alone, and came to the entrance of the village in a corner, silently sitting on the stone road, leaning back on a bluestone road. On the edge of the monument, staring at the surrounding mountains, staring at the blue sky and white clouds connected to the distant mountains. This small village is too small to be found on the map. I am here to do what I do, I don��t understand, I only know that I am coming to receive re-education. There are not many cultural people in this village. There are not many people who can read newspapers. How can we educate us about these educated youths? Let us educate these educated youth