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Some people say that there are nights in places where beauty is more beautiful Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. Just like a movie, there is a comedy at the beginning and a tragic ending. Facing the sea, the front is magnificent, and the back to the sea will have spring blossoms. The perfection and the opposite of the opposites create a real era. There will always be a touch of black in life, but it will never be lost. When I was in high school, there was a roadway that was noisy around the crossroads. There was a vegetable market in the morning, a street stall in the afternoon, and a barbecue stall in the evening. On the roadway where people came and went, there was a familiarity. The face is a couple of blind people selling corn walnuts and old street maltose. The two were about forty years old Cheap Newport 100, ragged, and the husband had a hunchback, and his wife was licking his left foot. The blind husband��s back carries a large bamboo basket with dried and dehydrated soil walnuts. He explores the bumps of the walnuts when they walk, rubbing against each other and creaking. The blind wife carries a small bamboo raft, and there are a few old street maltose wrapped in plastic film. The mouth is covered with gauze. The blind eyes are in the alley, squatting on the left foot, going to the fixed Booth. The blind couple will come to the booth every afternoon. According to the unwritten rules of the ��Western side of the fruit��, a booth is placed at the east and west ends of the roadway. They held a coupon-shaped iron in their left hand and a small wooden-handled iron hammer in their right hand, which made a crisp sound from time to time. They used small hammers to strike different parts of the iron and made different sounds. The blind husband��s knockout is ����...�ડ�, like the sound of cracked earth walnuts. The blind wife knocked out the melody of "Dangdang...Dangdang", just like the sound of "buting sugar...buting sugar". Over time, people in the streets and streets are used to this kind of "percussion", which is called the old street maltose. At the beginning of the baking, I thought it was the way they used to make up for the physical defects. Later, I think they might be the informant of a secret organization, sending different messages by using different hammers to attack different parts of the iron coupon, a signal that only they can decipher. In the third year, I graduated that year. I passed the roadway at dusk. When I passed the blind wife next to the West Exit, she knocked a few iron coupons in her left hand with a small hammer in her right hand, followed by dozens of meters. The husband��s ring of iron coupons in his hand, the long voice came from the noisy lane. Then, the blind man's wife no longer knocked on "dangling" Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, but changed the rhythm and rang another voice. Several times, the husband of Dongkou also changed the method of knocking, and then stopped after a few sounds. Upon hearing the husband��s response, the blind wife put down the iron coupon and fumbled and put the leftover sugar into the small scorpion, and then put on the gauze to cover the mouth, then sat quietly, still holding Small hammer and iron coupons. In a short while, the blind husband squatted and carried bamboo baskets to explore the bustling crowd. When the blind husband came to his side, the blind wife rang the iron coupon in his hand. The blind husband heard and immediately knocked on the iron coupon in his hand and responded. Then the two men were next to each other, carrying bamboo baskets, their wives rubbed their feet, and the husband groaned. They held iron coupons in their left hands and held small hammers in their right hands, knocking out the same sound. At this time I saw a happy smile on the faces of the blind couple. The smile is warm, contented, melted in the sunset, in the evening breeze. The sound gradually rang out of the west exit of the alley, but it was also reverberating in the roadway Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. It was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I saw the smile and I realized that the sound of knocking the iron coupon with a small hammer was not only to attract customers. , not a certain password. They may never know how blue the sky above them is, nor how beautiful the flowers are selling next to them, but they know that they are still dependent on each other and never go far. Unlike many couples, they can see each other's faces and appreciate each other's beautiful faces, but many couples cannot see each other's hearts like them. The darkness in their eyes and the paleness of life, because the warmth of each other becomes colorful. At that time, I didn't quite understand what love is, maybe I don't understand it now. Love may just find such a person, even if you can't see anything in one day, you won't panic, as long as you know that he or she is not far away from you Buy Newports. Later, I learned from my dad that I used the syrup of the old street maltose to lick the walnuts to eat. The fragrance is delicate and incomparable, just like the feelings of the blind couple, warm and delicate.