I don't know wh


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I don't know why, I always have loneliness, follow me; there are always a lot of jealousy, and the indifference in my heart, along with me, leaving loneliness, and the road under my feet; I don't want to have good Memory, because those who have been frustrated, will always linger in their minds, leaving intermittent fans. Although I want to keep those sweets, just those memories that I used to have, I always have sadness and fly in my mind. Those who are always in casual will cover my heart and let me breathe hard and can��t hide it Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Those who are fascinated, so they are constantly swimming and wanting to let these no longer appear, and they will not stretch in my mind; but they see the roughness of the experience, surrounded by them, and they are not refusing to be around, from time to time, they will show cruelty. Laugh. Although there is no sound, but those markings will leave doubts, just like the mist of layers, constantly condensing, constantly adding rich, constantly wanting to become more distorted Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. It is already unbearable ugliness, but it will add to the loss of the heart, and it will add the mistakes that have crossed. Want to learn to forget, want to disappoint those, like water, slowly flowing; can no longer reappear, and the rest is like those sweet in constant attachment, constantly lingering in the heart Come, there will always be expectations in my heart. The open mind, but the years are constantly embarrassing. Inadvertently frowning, because those sorrows, keep in the heart, do not know how long it will exist, so that the heart is somewhat unbearable. I really want to throw away those past disappointments and never want to let these sorrows appear in my mind. More is to expect to learn to forget, no confusion at all; of course Newport Cigarettes For Sale, there is no heavy footsteps, and some are just the ease of the years. You can look up the white clouds in the days, and the rivers that can gently look at the time are constantly updating and the past is always floating, and there are always embarrassing. Those bumps, and those speculations, make my feet always full of bitterness. Constantly explore, constantly thinking, and constantly staying persistent. However, there are still falling and screaming. I don't want to let myself fall again, don't want to let those wounds, leaving the uncomfortable feelings in the days. I want to learn to forget, and to quietly engrave those things that I have experienced, and I don��t need to stay awake, just like a dream. And the pain that you experience is like the wind. After the drift, you will stop Carton Of Cigarettes Newport. Maybe, sitting at the window, there will be a dullness; and at night, there will always be peace and peace Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price. The frustrations of those experiences are like the songs that come from the ethereal, without any shape, carrying the sorrows in the heart; there is no warning, but they must start to linger in the heart. Those who have been hard, and those who have been hesitant, have become the sea, are constantly embarrassed; also like rogues, relying on me, will not leave a moment. This time is like forgetting, wanting to forget those who used to be, and wanting to let the fog of those experiences, there is no blur, become clear, not appearing, not appearing to learn to forget, just want to let life have One is different. However, the knife of the years keeps cutting my pride. I thought that the knife would be blunt, time will give up, and those who have lost will not have a flaw. However, the knife is constantly honed, and there is a constant cold light; and those memories that are originally intended to be forgotten are always playing in this way. Tired, tired, want to forget. Can you really forget it? Can you really learn to forget it?