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During the day, I used a light brush to stain the paper; at night Cheap Smokes Free Shipping, I gave my heart to the graffiti circle, the chaotic lines, which is a depiction of life. For poetry, I have too many feelings, and poetry is my life. The darkness that I can't see clearly guides me forward and leads me to the cliff. When I jumped, I could sink, and then I couldn��t stop talking about poetry. I always kept my reason and I didn��t let myself love too much. The cruelty of reality is now known Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. The night is poetic, you can't find poetry in the sun, it is mysterious. It is passionate and sad. The poet will not be indifferent, but also has the restraint of reason. Burning exhausted, it is not a poem, I began to fear glare. That kind of glare, like the irony after all kinds of lovelords, is ridiculous. The day is suitable for painting, as far as possible to outline the traces, those only open the heart of the heart. Everything in the outside world is turned into a flower with the most beautiful heart. You can't know what the night is, and you can't figure out where your desire is. Poetry gives us the possibility to think. Baudelaire's long prose poems opened up the possibility of poetry. Can not be bound by a short, poetry can just give me what I gave up and what I got. So afraid of being alone Newport 100 Cigarettes, I who prayed in the dark, I understood what resentment is. Even if I don't believe it is the end, look at her eyes, the dangerous jungle, if I don't step in, it will be safe. I belong to poetry. What else can be more closely related to my heart, non-poetry. You should, write the poem as a prose, and write the prose as a poem, so that it will be endless Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. These feelings, although abstract, are very specific, and the experience can be resonated. A gust of wind brewed, the winds of the northwest roared and rushed from afar. Wherever he went, the yellow sand was rolling and flying all over the sky. Everything seems to be shrouded in the palm of the devil. The town became a ghost town in an instant. This season is the season of dust storms in the north. The fragile surface can't stop the wind. Looking far away, the world is being reduced to a limited extent. It can be said that the scenery of the Northland, the winds of thousands of miles, floating in the sand. The gray sky always gives people an inexplicable sense of oppression. The limited view of the surrounding area caused a huge panic. It was so big that I saw such a big wind for the first time. For the first time, I saw the weather of the yellow sand rolling like a cloud. The wind blew the grass and buried the head in the soil. The big tree bent down the straight spine, the flowers lost their bright luster, the river wrinkled a ripple, the birds deviated from the direction, and the frog stopped screaming. All the external sounds were replaced by the squally winds, and there was a feeling of being scraped away in the wind. The sand that rose with the wind hit the face, causing pain. Until the night, the wind still did not diminish the original stubbornness. The color steel plate room was blown in, and the wind slammed the door, and the roar of the sound shook all the sounds. The sand in the sky drifted into the house from the cracks, and a thick layer of dust was formed on the table, on the chair, and on the coffee table. In this weather, we can obviously feel the inhalation, the dust in the lungs, the green mountains and the green water, is the Jinshan Yinshan. Looking at the bare mountains, I felt a sorrow. The mountains and rivers that the ancestors left for future generations became a mess under the plunder of the big machines. Looking at the top of the mountain was flattened, watching the trees, the grass lost life under the wheel, my heart is getting heavier. How can the drought-stricken northwest with such a huge test? The grass is gone, the trees are gone, the river is used up excessively, what is it to conserve water? What to maintain the ecological balance? Our ancestors Mencius proposed thousands of years ago: not against the farm, the valley can not eat too The number does not enter the pool, the fish can not eat too much; the axe into the mountain forest in time, the wood can not be used. The valley and the fishing rod can not be eaten, and the wood can not be used. But our unfilial children and grandchildren are ruined by the ruin of the economic interests of the eyes Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, regardless of the environment in which we live. The dog jumped to the wall, the rabbit rushed to bite, and the people were anxious. Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees. We understand all the truths of the world and are smarter than all the species in the world. However, driven by the interests, we have forgotten everything, and we have become a stupid, northwestern wind that has become very incomparable. This is a warning to human beings, this is the advice to humanity. There is love in one mountain and one grass. Ruthless destruction makes nature unbearable. This black whirlwind weather is a punishment for humanity. Whitman said: The earth gives all people the essence of matter, and in the end, the reward it receives from people is the garbage of these substances. If people want to live healthy, they must have clean air; clear drinking water; warm sunshine. People who are eager to exploit can understand this point, make rational use of nature, and leave a green hill and green water for future generations.