Cyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating factory

Environmental-friendly Plating to Turn Cyanide Plating to Cyanide-free Plating
Cyanide Substitute Agent
Product features
1, This product is a national invention patent product, does not contain harmful substances, environmental protection.
2, Compatible with a variety of cyanide zinc plating bath, can quickly remove impurities and improve the throwing power of plating solution.
3, Can be used with any brand of cyanide or alkaline zinc plating brightener, without dumping the bath and affecting normal production, directly transfer the cyanide plating bath into environmentally friendly zinc plating bath.
4, Easy operation, low cost, this product is your best choice to replace cyanide zinc plating process.

Operation parameters of bath
High cyanide Medium cyanide Low cyanide Micro cyanide Cyanide free
Zinc oxide
Sodium Cyanide(NaCN)35~45g/L20~35g/L10~20g/L1~10g/L /
Sodium hydroxide(NaOH)60~70g/L60~70g/L70~80g/L80~95g/L110~130g/L
Cathode current density0.5~4A/dm20.5~4A/dm20.5~4A/dm20.5~4A/dm20.5~4A/dm2
Anode materialHigh purity zinc balls or platesHigh purity zinc balls or platesHigh purity zinc balls or platesHigh purity zinc balls or platesHigh purity zinc balls or plates

Amount of Initial addition
Cyanide Substitute Agent1~2ml/L 1~3ml/L2~4ml/L3~5ml/LCyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating factory