Customized Perforated Aluminum Sheet

1.Features aluminum perforated sheet
(1). Good rigidity and torsion strength;
(2). Rich color and excellent decorative effect;
(3). Great performance in water proof, fireproof, rot proof, anti-chemical corrosion and weather resistance;
(4). Light, durable and superior surface flatness;
(5). Good plasticity and easy to install;
(6). Thickness: 2.0-4.0mm, or according to the buyer's requirements;
(7). Coating: fluorocarbon (PVDF) (option: powder coat)
2.Aluminum perforated sheet Test report:
1Appearance qualityNo flow lines, no streaks, no blisters, no foreign substance, no other surface imperfections
2powder layer thicknessAverage: 48umMin. 41um
3Dry-fil hardness≥3H
4Gloss valueGloss value: 34.2~39.1; Average: 37.2
5Impact resistance50kg·m, no removal of film from substrate
6Abrasion resistance5.3L/um
7Film adhesionDrying adhesionGrade 0
Wet adhesionGrade 0
Boiling water adhesionGrade 0
8Chemical resistanceHydrochloric acid resistanceNo change
Nitric acid resistanceNo changes such as blistering etc.Δ E=0.75
Mortar resistanceNo change
Solvent resistanceNo base exposed
9Salt spray resistance (4000h)Grade 1
10Humidity resistanceGrade 1
11Artificial weathering (4000)Colour retention1.31
Gloss retention85%
OthersGrade 0
3.Customized pattern available: we welcome customer to offer his pattern!
Sample show: aluminum perforated sheet:

4.Aluminum perforated sheet machine:
5.Our Perforated machine line’s capacity is 3000SQM a day for a same pattern sheet.
We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits.
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