Customized Heavy Duty Seal

Heavy duty seal is a special form of mechanical seal.It is used for sealing the bearings in the construction machinery,such as tracked vehicles(excavator and bulldozer),conveyor systems,heavy trucks,axles,tunnel boring machine,agriculture machine,mining machine,and also,floating seal canbe utilized in some special applications.

Detailed Description:
For the operating conditions,to keep metal ring in contact is related to the speed of application,and our products are designed such as the setting-up gap A(below fig) should be fitted for majority of applications.If the continuous peripheral speed exceeds 3M/S,the dimension of setting-up gap must be increased.

Operating conditions:
Operating temperature: from -20℃ to 100℃(NBR O-ring)/ from -40℃ to 135℃(HNBR O-ring)/ from -7℃ to 160℃(FKM O-ring)/from -55℃ to 150℃(VMQ O-ring)
Maximum continuous peripheral speed: 3M/S
Internal operating pressure:240-400 Kpa
As the floating seal is applicable to various kinds of machinery equipment with numerous product specifications and models, it is important to correctly choose a floating seal that is most suitable for you. For this reason,welcome the customers to fully communicate with us before purchasing our floating seal and provide necessary information to us, we will help you to select the suitable specifications and models. If the customers can offer us drawings or samples, that will save more troubles.Customized Heavy Duty Seal